About Us

Meet Cass!

Cass is our creative director, Salon owner and just all round Badass Boss B!tch

She has been in the hair and makeup industry for over 13 years.
Cass is only on the floor in the salon for a few hours a week and unfortunately is not taking on any new clients, but you will see her in and out running a muck and helping everyone in the Diamond Cut team to be the maddest b!tches they can be!.
A happy salon and team is what is most important to her and creating a good work life balance for her team is her highest priority.

You may often find Cass and the girls working together to come up with ideas for the perfect custom color during your consult and time in the salon.

Cass will be in and out of Australia this year with lots of trips planned to the U.S for Hairdressing summits and beauty expos as she is always looking for the latest trends and techniques to teach and share with the Diamond Cut team.

Anything alcoholic is her fav drink! And if she isn’t kicking back with her family and friends you will find her out on her dirt bike or cruisin in the Diamond Cut truck!

Cass is the back bone and the silly string that ties Diamond Cut team together.

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Meet Jamie!

Jamie is our Salon Manager and one of our Senior Stylists.

She has over 10 years experience in hairdressing.

Jamie is our Balayage b!tch and could do a perfect color melt with her eyes closed.
When she isn’t in the salon doing all the managing stuff and creating amazeballs hair you can find her kicking back with a cider or two listening to Parkway Drive or Bring me the horizon.

Jamie recently went on a trip to Egypt and can’t wait to go back. That is if the Boss b!tch ever lets her have holidays!

She brings the sass and lots of attitude to the Diamond cut team

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Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca is our Salon Coordinator and the PA to our Boss B!tch so she is a busy lady and you will see her popping in and out of the salon on a regular basis!

She has been in the beauty industry for a few years now with qualifications in Beauty therapy and Makeup.

When she isn’t running around making everything in the salon run smoothly you can find her in the kitchen baking as she loves to bake but hates to clean up! Just ask her mum!

Her Fav drink is Fiji Coconut vodka you can’t half tell she just got back from a trip to Fiji that consisted of a lot of cocktail drinking!

Rebecca is our support queen and is calm in the chaos of Diamond cut.

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Meet Christina!

Christina has joined us at Karalee as a senior stylist!

Christina was actually apart of the Diamond Cut team back in the day and we are super excited to have back with us.

Christina has over 15 years experience in the hairdressing industry.

With Plenty of skills and experience under her belt Christina is a super laid back and creative stylist and loves to help you create something fresh and funky with your hair.

But watch out she has been known to bust a move so lets hope her fav song doesn’t come on while she is doing your hair!

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Meet Nikki!

Nikki is one of our Senior stylists and has over 12 years experience as a Hairdresser.

Nikki loves working with all things vibrant! If you want rainbow, unicorn or my little pony hair she is your girl.

When she isn’t in the salon smashing out crazy hair you can find her hanging out with her boys including the dog! Link is her furr baby and practically the first born in their family!

Nikki’s supply of Jack Daniels never runs out so you can always be sure be offered a drink or two when you hang out with this babe.

If Nikki could go anywhere in the world she would love to check out switzerland!

She brings a big laugh and lots of humour to the Diamond Cut team!

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Meet Damien!

Damien is a Senior stylist here at Diamond Cut and has over 8 years experience in the industry.

You Can find him at our Karalee salon.

Damien loves to get glamorous and romantic with his styling skills.

He is also a very talented and creative colourist.

When he isn’t working away in the salon like a madman you will find him kickin’ back with a beer watching a movie or two.

He is secretly a Harry Potter nerd and also the “crazy cat lady” of the salon.

We love having Damien as part of the Diamond Cut team he is super relaxed and has a great easy going nature!!

Meet Jaz!

Jaz is a Senior Stylist here at Diamond Cut with 5 years experience in the industry.
Jas is our hair extensions whiz, she loves creating those dramatic transformations using The Original Micro Tape Hair Extensions.
Not only does Jaz create amazing transformations with extensions, creativity and color skills are awesome!

She has travelled and lived all of Australia and can’t wait to adventure all over the world sipping cocktails.

Jaz is a fun part of the Diamond Cut team we have a good balance of calm and crazy now!
Wonder which one Jaz is? Ha ha ha

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