Diamond Cut Price Guide

To get a quote on the wicked new hair you are wanting you have 2 options.
Send us a message on facebook with a photo of your current hair and a photo of what you desire your hair to look like and our team can give you a estimate online.

We do also offer complimentary consult appointments and quotes in salon.

Last time we checked, everyone was different. Different hair lengths, thickness, colour, and textures. These are all factor that contribute to what can and can’t be done with your hair. At Diamond Cut, before we even pick up the scissors or mix up your colour, we sit down and go through a detailed process to find out more about you, your hair, and your desired result. We then give you the quote before we begin so there is no nasty surprises when you go to pay at the end of your appointment. We can also tailor make a package to suit your budget.

Online we can give you a ball park figure, so you have a super rough idea, but for the best possible quote, please visit one of our studios for a complimentary consult.

Cheap hair ain’t good and good hair ain’t cheap.

Estimated Pricing

Men’s and women’s cuts from $25 to $85.


Blow Wave

From $15


From $45

*please note all salon services include a blow dry and style

Regrowth Permanent Colour

From $100

Global Permanent

From $100 to $145


* Please note this service will equire a finishing color. ie toner/semi *

Half Head of Foils

From $70 to $105

Full Head of Foils

From $105 to $125

Conditioning Treatments from $15

Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, whatever you want to call it tongue-out P.O.A.