So where did it all begin?
Diamond Cut actually started as Diamond sky services it was a business name I totally pinched from my first husband! It started out as a clothing label idea but I took it and ran with it for a little bit as I offered full hairdressing services, make up parties, mobile make up services so it kind of just fit!
Early 2009 and I decided it needed a change and then Diamond cut was born! I originally started Diamond cut as a mobile hair extensions business which I loved!
Being able to give clients that instant transformation was so rewarding. The demand for my cutting and coloring services grew and it just got a bit too hard to do that mobile so I turned the sunroom of my grandmother’s house into a mini salon. And in no time at all I outgrew that space and I didn’t love having to walk clients through my grandmothers house to the laundry to rinse their hair!
October 2010 I was at a bridal expo with my Mum in Ipswich trying to build up and promote my wedding services and also helping mum build up her floristry business! We were a great wedding team.
At the expo I had several people ask if I had a salon and where/how could they get me to do there hair all the time. So that sparked something in me and during a quiet moment at the expo I jumped on line and had a look for shops to rent in Ipswich.
Never in my career had I wanted to own a salon! I just wanted to make people looking awesome and be done with it.
I found a shop that looked good and called the real estate agent. There was no answer so I just left a message and put the idea aside! What the hell was I thinking anyway? Why the fuck would I want to open a salon? Am I crazy? (yes, yes I am slightly crazy)
After we left the expo we drove passed the shop I had seen online and to my disappointment there was actually already a salon next door to it. So my idea was crushed and I moved on from it that night.
Only for the real estate agent to call me back the next day and to tell me she had another location that was already actually a salon right in the centre of town.
We went and looked at the location and it was perfect, just for me and mum to run what was then known as Diamond cut hair and wedding centre. Mum ran her floristry and dress making business from one of the back rooms and I had the salon space. 4 chairs 2 basins and a little spray tanning room was all I needed. It was tucked away upstairs and I could open and close when I liked!
It was a destination salon, you had to really know where it was if you wanted to come and I liked it like that!
I officially opened the doors there December 2010, January 2011 Ipswich was wiped out with the floods, luckily the salon wasn’t directly affected by water but the town around us was devastated. No one was worried about getting their hair done. But it did show the true community of Ipswich, even though I had gone to school and grown up in the area I really hadn’t been involved with Ipswich very much and I Dropped out of school and left home when I was 15 so I really didn’t know what the city was all about! Everyone helped where they could and it just showed how much of a small country town Ipswich still was!

Fast forward 2 years and the little space above the stairs just wasn’t going to cut it anymore!
I needed, wanted bigger and better!
So then the search was on to find a new location room to grow and expand Diamond cut and mums wedding business!
October 2013 Diamond Cut hair and makeup studio was born. Mum had gone off and taken on her own business name for her business and now my sole focus was Diamond Cut. I needed to grow my team and fill the giant space that we had in the Top of town on Brisbane st.
140 square metres of giant space From memory we had 8 stations 2 makeup stations and a great spray tanning room. It had the biggest back room I have ever experienced in my whole career, it’s own toilet and a whole basement that was a kinda bit creepy!
I loved that shop! Amazing window frontage you could not miss us! Even had a perfect little window box/stage for window displays which I loved creating with mum and so much room for events and workshops and just all things epic!
There was team members that came and went some stayed to the very end and we were busy! Epic hair was walking out on a daily basis.
But I was burning out. I never wanted to own a salon let alone get to the point that I had staff and rent and overheads that just kept piling up along with the demand for clients wanting me to personally do their hair.
I was pushing myself to hard, I couldn’t work on the floor in the salon and work on the business as well. I was a fucking bitch! Always tired and cranky and all though everyone looking in from the outside saw success I was drowning in debt and stress. I was so bad with money and I did not understand the accounting side of my business what so ever and just continued to fall deeper and deeper in.
Feb 2015 I got married to my best friend who was an aspiring musician, someone who was creative and driven and could handle my craziness, April 2015 I fell pregnant with our son and that certainly changed how I looked at things made having a business and being a hairdresser a little bit different.
October 2015 I made the grown up decision to shut the salon down. My passion was gone, my drive to keep it going was non existent and the fact the lease was up was just to easy to shut the doors and walk away. Time to focus on me and my family. Alot of people often ask me why I didnt just sell the salon? I couldnt Diamond Cut is ME, it’s all of me, I couldnt give up the name or the brand that I had worked so hard to create over the past 5 years and no one else could be Miss Diamond! So now it was time to focus and figure out this mum life stuff our son was due in January 2016 so it was all good timing I Guess.
Well so it seemed. November 2015 My new husband of only 9 months headed off to thailand to record an album with his band. They were going to be gone for 3 weeks. During the last week I received a call from one of the boys. They were ringing to tell me that Glen, My husband was dead. He went to sleep the night before and just never woke up the next day. At only 26 he was gone, I was left here 30 weeks pregnant with our son and I had just what felt like, lost my business.
My world was fucked! And that’s when Miss Diamond went mia for a bit! Mum life and life as a widow was what took over the next year and half.
But hairdressing kept calling me so I decided to set up at home again. Diamond Cut was re born in a 40ft customised storage container at my mum and dad house! It was perfect, I built a  deck with my brother and the the 1 mirror and chair and 1 basin was more than enough. For about 5 mins.
It didn’t take long at all for people to hear the news that I was back and it also didn’t take long for me to quickly not like the idea of random people coming to my house day in day out. It works for some but wasn’t for me. Then the seed was planted and the rumour was going around that a location was becoming available in August 2017. It was a perfect location and had been a salon for years, back in 2013 I actually had even looked at buying the salon that was there at the time! The location was calling me! And within a month the ball was rolling and Diamond Cut hair and makeup studio was set to re launch in September!
And we did! With a fucking bang! I didn’t have any of my old client lists or anything just the old facebook page that very quickly took off! Joys of social media and word of mouth!

I’m sitting here writing this on December 31st 2017 and I am still in shock at the insane amount of support that has come out of the re launch of Diamond Cut hair and makeup studio. I will forever be grateful of those who kept in contact over the years that Diamond cut was gone.
And I will forever be grateful for all of you who are now standing strong and regularly keeping up with our crazy adventures in the salon! The bitches at Diamond Cut are one amazing team and I owe a lot of my success to the staff I have had over the years and to the team that I have now.
Life doesn’t give you what you can not handle. At times it seems like the world is out to get you and that things will never get any better. But if you simply just don’t give up, only look back to remember the good times and just love yourself more then anything you truly can achieve the impossible!

Xoxo Cass
Ps: Don’t sweat the small stuff


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