Monday morning! Its paperwork and marketing day!
Glen kisses me on the head before work and I sleep in for as long as I can.
Scroll facebook in bed for a while and then finally drag my ass out of bed and head to the office!
Eat breakfast which is almost morning tea now at my desk and start the day’s work.
Setting up the marketing for the businesses for the week, pay staff, scroll facebook, dance around the office when my fav song comes on and then pretend to do some more work!
3:30pm comes around and i’m still in my Pajamas the breakfast/morning tea bowl is now joined with a lunch plate and glass, the house is still and mess and I don’t look much better myself but the garage door goes up and I quickly click out of facebook into my accounting program so that it looks like I am actually being a serious business owner and have been busy all day!
I can hear him undoing his work boots in the garage and the door opens behind me! Greeted with a kiss and “how was your day?”
He pops his esky and water bottle in the kitchen and then comes back into the office and sits on the floor with our 3 dogs and chats to me. All the while I’m having to look like I’m being productive and not scrolling facebook!
It’s the most productive hour or so in my day!
My Monday! My happy day!

How I wish I could hear the sound of that garage door again!
The sound of his work boots as he walked from his car to the door to then undo them and throw them in the corner!
How I wish I had him sitting on the floor behind me again even just for that hour or two.
I can’t help but imagine what our lives would of been like with him coming home everyday to Franklin and I.
I can’t help but imagine him taking care of our son while I worked and got in some cheeky facebook scrolling time.

But I can’t let myself get caught up in those imaginary moments for they are only a wishful dream.

I can remember the sound of the garage door.
I can remember the sound of his boots being tossed in the corner.
I can remember those moments of him sitting on the floor with our dogs.

And the best thing is now he can sit behind me anytime he wants.
He might even be behind me right now reading as I’m typing.
Probably telling me I should be working and not scrolling Facebook or writing this!

I do have my dogs to keep me company and I do have Franklin to run around the office now so it’s definitely not a quiet Monday by any means.

I better go and open my accounting program now and look busy!

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