They ask her how she stays so strong!
They ask her how does she do it?

She does it because she is strong, she is powerful and she is ok.
Her loss has not defined her, it does not control her.
Her strength comes from the love, the heartache, the pain that she felt.

Her strength comes from the memory of that night, that moment the phone rang.
Her loss has given her strength she never knew she had.
A light that was not yet lit.

Her strength comes from the love she got to receive.
Even though there are days that she wishes were different.
Moments she wishes she didn’t say the things she did.
Times that she missed making memories and laughing because she was just too busy.
Her strength comes from the memory of loving and being loved.

She is strong because she got to love, laugh and learn even if it was only for a little while.
She is strong because mistakes have simply been lessons in disguise.

Her strength is guided by the night sky and powered by the stars above.
Her strength is there because of the ones around her.
The ones she needs to help keep strong and love.
Her strength was always there it just didn’t need to be flexed until she felt this loss.

In moments she is not just strong for herself but for those around her.
In moments helping others to be strong only strengthens her more. It is what she is here to do.

At times the loss can be crippling.
At times the loss can seem so overwhelming that she just can’t go on, but those feelings only last a split second because she is strong and she is determined.

She is the strength that she needs for herself and for those around her.
For those in need and those that may have to experience loss like hers.

Death has not scared her, death has not consumed her.
Death has given her the desire to explore, the passion to never give up, the determination to never miss a moment.
Death has been her strength.
Knowing that our time is not forever.
Knowing that our moments are passing us by with each breath we take.

Her tears will still flow and her nights will still feel empty and alone at times.
But her strength will carry her forward.
Her love will always guide her.

They ask her how she stays so strong!

Because she is now loved from above and beyond!

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