So many amazing babies are coming up to their first birthday all around us at the moment.
Even my little guy is going to be turning 1 in just a few weeks time!
SO many of the mums I have spoken too, we all agree that we don’t want them to grow up we don’t want them to turn 1 and become a toddler!
Can’t they stay babies forever?
But then in the next breathe as Franklin is walking I’m so freaking excited and want him to walk and run but then stop and sit down when I want him too! Wishful thinking I know!

So firstly after your child has turned one they are 1 then they are 1 and a half then they are 2 and so on and so on.
None of this bloody 13 months, 26 months 47 months crap don’t make me try and calculate shit in my head! Come on people I already have mum brain.

And secondly who really is the 1st birthday for?

The kid isn’t ever going to bloody remember their first birthday are they so is it really necessary to go and spend shit loads of money on the first birthday?
Yes, yes it fucking is because the first birthday is for the god damn parents!
It’s a party for you to celebrate surviving the first year of figuring out how the fuck to be a parent!
And hey if it’s your second, third or fourth of 10th child it’s still a party for you as the parent because you have just survived the first year being a parent to 2, 3, 4 , 11 children you still need to be celebrated!

And to all those friends who get invited to the child’s birthday party and you don’t have children, just come and fucking enjoy it! And know you’re there to support that friend because majority of the other guests will have kids and at the end of the day that friend is going to need someone to be there and drink with and not talk fucking kid shit!

So go all out decorate, make a stupid cake that looks amazing but is only going to get drooled on whilst you try and make the said 1 year old blow out the candles and they have no idea what they are actually doing because their parents are shoving their face in front of a candle that is on fire!!!

I’m getting a jumping castle and there will be alcohol lots of alcohol at Franklin’s First birthday!

So now that brings me back to my almost 1 year old!

Mate you are the coolest little dude ever and I love the shit out of you!

There are days that you have tested me and days that Mummy has been having a bad day missing the hell out of your daddy and you simply looked up at me and smiled and made the day so much better!
Your personality is shining so bright and you really are my world!

My power and strength to keep going.
I’m so glad you choose me as your mummy and I can’t wait to see who you are here to be, right now I know the biggest part is you’re here to help and heal your mums heart and you have nailed that already!

But now it’s time for you to maybe not grow so much and so quickly because mummy is only 5ft and she cant keep moving things any higher other wise she won’t be able to reach them!

Now off to plan Franklin’s first birthday! The kid is already pretty lucky that every year his birthday falls on a public holiday!
Australia day of all days!


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