We headed for the international airport!
You were so excited, maybe even a little bit nervous, but mostly excited and extremely happy!
Your dream of going overseas for music was finally coming to life! It’s all you had ever wanted since we meet 6 years earlier.
You had worked so hard for it and some weeks you had gone to jam (band practise) 2 -3 nights a week, god you were even in 3 bands at once from what I can remember. Music was who you were, it was what made you happy. And I was so goddamn proud of you.

On the drive to the airport we spoke about mindless shit as we do, but we also spoke about how our lives were going to change in a few short months. You were excited about touring and recording with the band, I think you might of been just as excited if not a little bit more excited about becoming a dad.
I know the thought of touring and being a dad, a husband was a bit stressful for you, but as I promised we would find a way to make it work.

I remember getting to the airport and meeting the guys and doing my motherly duties and telling you all to behave and not cause any trouble, not to take drugs from strangers, not to ride the stupid scooters, and not to do anything that would get you all arrested.

You all checked in and it was starting to get even more real that you were about to leave me, your pregnant emotional wife for 3 weeks!
I headed over to the atm to withdraw what little cash we had left as all our money and credit cards had been rather tied up with us both pursuing our dreams. Hell I had only been back from a business trip in Las Vegas for about a week!

I wander back over to hand you the cash but you then took out a couple of $50 notes and handed them to me and told me to treat myself while you were away.

I was so bloody confused as to where in the hell that cash came from. Did you sell yourself on a street corner a few nights earlier?
I pushed the money back into you hand and told you, you would need it and I would be fine.
Needless to say I should of bloody taken the cash because a few days into your trip the travel money card hadn’t been touched so I was rather curious as to how you were feeding yourself. So I pried as most good wives would and found out you had bloody bet on the horses a few days before you left and you had won! You bloody smart ass! I seriously should of taken that cash and spent it on myself!

Things got super real now!

We all headed over to have the generic picture underneath the departure sign.

All of you were so happy and excited and acting like the dickheads that you are.

I snapped that picture and then it was really time now to say goodbye.

We kissed a quick pretty brief kiss, a see you soon kind of kiss!

And a hug that did not last near long enough.

As you headed down the escalator you kept eye contact with me until you couldn’t, but then you continued to turn your head and look back and smile.

There was so much excitement in your eyes for what was ahead for your adventure in Thailand, but I could also see the excitement in your eyes that was to come for us and our family!

Your smile and love for me and our son shone out of you like you can’t imagine and that made the whole process of seeing you off that much easier because I knew you were coming home to us in 3 short weeks.

One final wave and you were gone.

Off on the adventure of a lifetime with 4 of your mates to create the album you had all been working on so hard for so long!!

I may never get to hold you again.

I may never get to kiss you again.

But I will always have these memories. I will always have that feeling of love and excitement we both felt on this day.

I will always be proud of you and all that you achieved in your short life here on earth.

I will always be able to share these times with our son so that he knows how much of an amazing man you were and how much his mummy and daddy loved each other.

I will continue to share these stories with all that will listen, as these memories will never fade.

I love you Glen Barrie. You are my rockstar!

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