Well shit it’s only Monday and i’m all stressed and exhausted about the week to come!
We have a pretty busy week ahead as this weekend is the first Aussie conference for Nucerity in Sydney!
So freaking excited!

2 of my gorgeous team have just hit their next rank and for most of my team it’s their first time at conference!
So I am crazy excited which then leads  me to be crazy overwhelmed, for no reason at all other then to just stress me out!
I just want to have everything go to plan and everyone to enjoy themselves.
Plus organising myself is hard enough let alone have to organise a tiny human.

Last week I had an amazing week, it was nice and busy had several business meetings and presentations and have made a few new business decisions for myself and my work space here at mum and dads.
Everything just fell into place last week, mum did watch Franklin a couple of times when I had a late night and then took him to the shop when I had to duck to a meeting for a couple of hours.
So having those moments with just my head did help.

I’m so grateful for those moments but I also miss the little monster and do feel a little guilty.
But anyway the point is being so busy last week it was the first time in a while where I have felt myself and felt like I actually achieved something.

So I am definitely feeling I need to look at doing something more, hence the new business venture im looking into! All will be revealed soon and no sorry I’m not opening another salon! I know there are a lot of my friends who are wanting me to go back to hairdressing but that’s not what is calling me at the moment. Well not general cuts and colors kind of hairdressing.

Once again i’m going off on a tangent and that’s because Franklin has found a new trick to play with my laptop he can just reach the front of it and push it shut as i’m typing!
My new office can’t come quick enough.

So now knowing that I feel the best when I am busy and creating I now need to find the balance between that and being a MUM!

It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to go to plan all the time but it can be done there are thousands of mum’s out there who do it everyday.

I know the first step is not feeling guilty when I do have to leave Franklin to be looked after.
And being organised is going to be a key ingredient to this adventure.

So that brings me to today and the FUCK you council lawnmower man!
We woke up this morning all ready to rock. Everything was going to plan and we had breakfast and played in the lounge room for a bit and then the usual morning nap comes!

I had Franklin asleep in my arms walking to his room and then “SLAM, SLAM” truck doors open and close and then a whipper snipper starts and the dogs go nuts and of all the houses in the street and out of the two sides of the street they decide to start right out front of our house right out front of Franklin’s window.
Needless to say we didn’t have a nap, But we did get cranky and start having a tantrum and not want to do anything but climb on me.
Not snuggle in and just maybe go back to sleep, literally climb on me. Pop him on the floor and then tantrum again!
So out the window went the list of things to do during the morning nap.

Managed to get him to sleep again this time putting him in my bed, but then spent most my time checking on him because I didn’t want him to wake up and fall out of the bed.
But that didn’t bloody matter anyway because after the whipper snipping they started on the big ass lawnmowers!

So anything that was getting done today can now go get fucked. I’m going to just sit here in my spew and food covered shirt with no bra on and have a tantrum and be rather unproductive because that’s now what I feel like doing!

So my First plan of finding his balance to accept not everything will go to plan and that’s ok.
I will also start prioritising things so I don’t get overwhelmed and start stressing and sweating the small stuff!

So let’s see how this all goes hey!

Mumpreneur for the win!


One thought on “Finding the balance and FUCK you council lawnmower man!”

  1. giggle Cas cause those days are behind me BUT they are gone too soon.

    I applaud your resolve to accept what you cannot change and go with the flow GIRL POWER Rules 🙂


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