It’s generally a good thing to question yourself.

It shows you actually give a shit about the outcome!

And you actually want to do your best at whatever it maybe that you have chosen to do.

I recently asked myself why the fuck did I start this website?
Why in the fuck did I give myself something more to do, something more to be cranky about if I didn’t finish it!
I already put all my shit out there on facebook.

Who really even bothers to check out my website anyway!

Luckily a very smart business friend of mine put me in my place and told me having this website is a great idea and I need to keep it! (Carissa Hill check her out sometime)

So now it brings me to today.
I have had a pretty shit exhausting day with a teething baby and being super un fucking motivated!

And it occurred to me how much this is here for me just as much as it is for those who read it!
It’s my release.
Several people have asked if i’m going to go and talk to someone to deal with my grief, bla bla bla and some might say this isn’t the healthiest way to do it, but right here on this key pad as I type this is what I need!
Sharing with my tribe! Sharing with other human beings!

I have never been one to hold anything in/back so i’m not concerned of dealing with my “feelings”
Maybe one day I might need to talk to “someone” but if that day never comes that’s totally fine!

So that got me thinking for others out there who might be dealing with grief, in life, love or business.

Do you put your feelings out there?

Do you let the universe know how your feeling and what you need.
I know sometimes it feels like you have no idea what you need and you just want to feel good again, to be happy again!
But if you reach deep down if you just take a moment to breathe what you need will come to you!
Maybe not in a big fucking flashing neon sign but it will come to you nonetheless!

So right now i’m going to go and just breathe and what I need will come to me in some way shape or form!
And then I can use that to help me achieve what I want.
I’m honestly yet to know exactly what I want (mainly in business) but i’m going to just stop and see what the universe has to say!

Im sure she has a lot to say if I just listen!

8 thoughts on “Asking why?”

  1. Well gorgeous lady stopping and listening is sometimes all it takes!
    I believe everyone handles life differently and there is no right or wrong way, just what works best for you.
    So embrace it I say and go with the flow cause every time I try to take control of things MS UNIVERSE kicks me in the BUTT <3
    I love your honest Cass don't stop being your fabulous self. Big Hugs looking forward to the adventure called life.

  2. Totally agree with Kimy. I think your are one of the bravest people I’ve meet and think this page is a great way to release and will in turn help and inspire others 💋

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